We are living in a digital world. I think the communication has never been so quick as today. Morning starts with a message on whatsapp and day ends with goodnight message on facebook. As I was rolling down the finger over the screen to glance through the messages on whatsapp, my eyes were stuck to a title “She is pride of India”. It generated curiosity in me and I began to read inquisitively.

The article was about 13 years old Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai, a class IX student from Odisha who has developed a low cost water purifier which can give a new direction to villagers. Her technology uses waste corn cobs as key ingredient which is unique in the world. Even google has awarded her with its prestigious science fair award in California. The thought triggered my mind; Which school she must be studying? Who must have inspired her?

I am sure if she were to be asked about the success of her story, she would have surely named her school. Yes, it’s true behind every successful student there is a school associated “An ideal school”. I do agree with the fact that everyone one has its own capacity to come up. But the opportunities are equal.

An ideal school is Student Centric: The learners are the center of attraction. All the decisions are guided keeping in mind the lives of students. In words of Frances Clark, “A student is almost always motivated to practice if he leaves his lessons feeling capable”. It is not necessary that school creates atmosphere of studies alone but an opportunity where all types of students are able to involve.


An ideal school has Safe Environment: The learner should be able to feel that its ok to commit mistake. Because unless one has safe environment, one will not be able to join with Thomas Edison after 100 failures in saying, “I got 101 opportunities”.


An ideal school has Resourceful Persons: “if a student cannot learn the way teacher teaches then students should be taught the way s/he learns.” As teachers one should be so resourceful at personal level that s/he is able to contain them.


An ideal school Creates Curiosity: William Yeats says, “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire”. The learner should be involved in self-exploration. It should create an opportunity where students can forget everything and get immersed into the topics taught.


An Ideal school is Pragmatic: The students are taught to live their life outside the four walls of classroom. The practice of book worm should be avoided because the aim of education is to make a successful living in terms of value as well as finance.


An ideal school should Read the Signs of Times: As mentioned in the beginning of my article that we are living in a digitalized world and so our classroom should be. One should not shy away from updating oneself as per the need of an hour.


Hence an ideal school is not the one where campus is bombarded with the latest and scientific information but a place where a blend of modernization with traditional value is seen. A place where students have the feeling of belongingness and where every member feels proud to be part of. And as proud member of BHIS Rewa I feel contented to observe the above characteristics in our campus.