Today with small and nuclear family it’s difficult to spend quality time with family which leaves a negative impact on kids. We have become so busy with our own life we hardly spend time with each other and share our experiences with children or other family members. The more time you spend together better the chance of developing a strong family bond which results in a happy and healthy family.

Importance of family time

Spending quality time together helps strengthen family bonds. It also helps children Improve their academic performance along with their social and emotional skills.

It helps in reducing violence, hyperactive energies, and stubbornness in kids' attributes that are very common amongst children these days. Too much digital exposure ie mobile, T.V, video games, etc have kept us away from enjoying with our kids. You can spend quality time with your children by having at least one meal of the day together where you share the experience of the day, events, sharing happiness and sorrows.

Doing household chores such as dusting, setting the table for dinner or lunch, dusting, etc 

Watching movies at home, playing board games or planning a small one-day weekend trip.


  1. Let's play:- Arrange outdoor game matches such as football, cricket, basketball, etc with family or school friends. Take help from kids in making all arrangements which help kids in learning new games and develops sportsman spirit
  2. Cook and Eat:- one day in a week or a month should be family meal night, where all family members as well as kids cook together and Eat together. Here kids learn teamwork skills. Encourage kids to come up with their innovative ideas for dishes under parents' guidance and help.
  3. Interactive movie night;- plan a movie night with a moral message and that can be discussed afterward. Movies can short documentary about animals, nature, small moral stories which can be discussed with them. 
  4. Beach day: plan a fun trip to the beach with family or friends. It will be fun to become a kid again by involving in making a sandcastle, taking dips in the water, collect shells, etc.
  5. Board games: fun trips need not be plan trip outdoors only can also indoor activities like playing board games such as scrabble, business, chess, Othello, etc Where all members can play together and enjoy a family day.
  6.  Home video night: This will be the most loved activity for kids as they will enjoy seeing themselves on screen recollecting their sweet old days when they were small.
  7. Camping:- Plan an overnight camping trip to nearby where kids can enjoy their evening around the fire while singing and dancing, identifying noise of insects, or collecting backyard materials.
  8. Visit the zoo.:- This activity is fun for all age groups. It's always fun to see different animals and learn about their habitat, food, origin, etc., It also helps to connect with nature.

So, spending time with family is never a waste of time but always helps to build beautiful memories. It helps in making a home cheerful place and improves family communication. Thus, by coming together, having fun, learning and experiencing new things. this leaves a positive impact on children

PARENT NAME: Vaishali Bardolikar 

STUDENT NAME: Preet Bardolikar Grade 3C