The more you are ready, the more things you will learn

As an avid reader of books I thought I had had the distinction of reading some of the best books. It was during the sunset years of my life as a teacher that I had the golden opportunity of serving in one of the unconventional schools founded by a visionary and path breaker in the realm of education-Mrs. Lina Asher- founder of Billabong Schools, spread over a vast network of places in India and abroad.

The lists of books prescribed in the syllabus are wonderful and motivating which provides the students a window into the rich world of literature.

I cannot help but quote Dr.Seuss, "The more you are ready, the more things you will learn. The more you learn, the more places you will go".

To learn to read is to light a fire and right from Grade 1, a fire is lit in every student to read some of the very finest books in English. "Reading is to the mind what prayer is to the soul". The books prescribed in the syllabus uplift the students in more ways than one.

I have had the unique distinction of teaching English right from Grade I to Grade VIII and every Volume opened up a new world to me and my students.

When I started reading to my students of Grade I it was like a roller coaster ride. The students and I loved every minute of the reading class.

"The Cat in the Hat" was a delightful book and the students loved every minute of it and after reading a few pages, clips from the movie were shown which brought every scene to life.

Matilda the genius-the prodigy, who at such a tender age could devour and digest books which adults could not handle, encouraged and motivated the students to make her their role model and soon there was a competition among the students to compete with their idol Matilda. The books prescribed by KKEL for English are a treasure house of the finest books and the students have been motivated to start their own personal library with the books which have been prescribed for each volume. The students who have reached Grade VIII have a beautiful collection of books which they have kept in their little library at home-a treasure house of rich literature.

Reading is fundamental; in fact it is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that one can be. Reading not only helps one to become a better student but a better person.

The prescribed text book for Grade VII 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' is one book which everyone must read. I as an adult, at the far end of my career have had the pleasure of reading some books perforce their being an intrinsic part of the school syllabus which I would otherwise never have read. And I can say without any doubts these books have enriched my life, added meaning to it and I owe a debt of gratitude to the makers of the syllabus who have so meticulously planned everything. Every minute detail has been covered to match the tastes of the students, which will definitely have enriched their tender years and will remain etched in their memory for life. These books will empower the students to explore beyond text book, embarking on a quest for excellence.

At Billabong, education is not so much about feeding of the facts into the minds as the awakening of curiosity in the soul.