That is indeed the question!!! 

Unfortunately, it’s not just about Hamlet anymore, it’s relevance has seeped through the layers of today’s modern generation of students, and penetrated what ideally should have been years of “happy childhood memories”, something that our generation of parents believed in and still cling on to!

Almost as if through osmosis, the Social Media plagues the minds of almost every young child of today. It has seeped into our children’s untarnished innocent minds and robbed them of the very essence of what childhood is supposed to be! 

A deep lack of Self Esteem, a desperate need for Acknowledgement, a desire for superficial friendships amongst strangers. An individual with no depth, no values or a stable belief system is the diet that sustains our children of today.

No, not just teenagers, the virus has penetrated almost to the grass-root level where kids as young as 8 or 9, need Facebook and Instagram accounts to feel validated, important and popular!!! 

And WE are sitting by and letting this monster take shape and size in the minds of our little ones, overtaking their lives, crippling their minds and molding a generation of robots unable to think for themselves, unable to feel, unable to live fruitful lives, a selfish self-centered moron incapable of living a balanced confident life, because there hasn’t been any contact with the real world has there?

Ever since WE handed over that gadget to them!!!! Ever since WE handed over that vial of poison to the one person in the world WE claim to love more than life itself!!!

Ironically WE have created these cripples and we nurture them into this desperate dependency because WE need the “ time to breathe “!! Little knowing that slowly but surely, WE are squeezing the life out of our little ones, and allowing them a one-way ticket to Hell!

Because when REAL LIFE kicks in when everyone they meet doesn’t love them like the many filtered pictures of their selfies posted on Facebook and Instagram when conversations and actions are required to build real-life relationships unlike the feigned online ones with strangers when values and principles are required to sustain life itself, something they haven’t any clue about... that’s when it all comes crashing down

And then, it might ... just be too late!!

So step up, be courageous, say NO!! They are the Child and WE are the Parent... it’s our responsibility to make them into the beautiful people we intended them to be!

Because It’s not by chance but by practice and perseverance that WE create a Successful Beautiful Child, a Child who in time will be capable of doing so much better and achieving so much more than WE ever did!!!!