1. In the times of Pokemon go and Candy crush, how important is it for children to engage in board games? 

A few benefits of playing board games with children are it encourages spending quality time with the family, it stimulates the brain and it also encourages healthy competition. Hence parents should fix a time in the day called the board game time or family time.


2. How parents can and should inculcate the habit in children?

Ideally Parents should create board games with children and make the activity fun and also attach rewards to the games. (For eg, make a life size snakes and ladder and attach rewards to it)


3. What are the psychological positives?

Playing board games increases concentration, it helps reduce stress levels, helps enhance your memory, It also helps in the development of the child, it enhances logic and reasoning skills, improves critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning.


4. What are the kind of board games available in the market?

There are various kind of board games available in the market, the best ones are board games like monopoly, life, memory games, scrabble, Uno etc. what you should keep in mind is that the game you select should help the child in a positive way.


5. Anything else on the topic?