Schools are the building blocks of our child’s academic career. Not only academics there are various other facts that we should look into.

An average child spends about 6 to 8 hours of his or her time daily in the school and hence choosing the right school for our child is a crucial moment for all parents.Whether it is a private school or a public school planning beforehand is important.

Some of the factors parents need to keep in mind before choosing a school for their child:

1. School credential and school policies

2. Location of the school

3. Quality of Teachers.

4. Safety

5. Curriculum

6. Budget

7. Extra-Curricular activities

8. Infrastructure 

Last but not least, student teachers ratio needs to be one of the checkpoints. A compact classroom helps the teacher in giving each child individual attention. A class with 45 to 60 children is just like a child attending a seminar in an auditorium. Having all these points in mind I choose Billabong for my child.