First day in pre-school

For many parents, the fi rst day at school may represent your child’s first step toward independence. But for kids, this can be a very scary day. New faces, new surroundings, and the absence of the parent—a potent mixture to induce anxieties in him. How do you transition your child into a pre-school easily?

• Talk to him about school in advance. Prepare him for the fact that he has to go to school. Be positive in your descriptions of the school.

• Read out stories in which kids begin to go to school.

• Prepare him for the separation. Send him to spend some time with the grandparents or to a friend’s place.

• Plan a visit to the school. Show him around the school, especially the play area. Get his teacher to meet him regularly for a few days prior to the fi rst day.

• Get him into a routine. If school starts at eight in the morning begin to wake him up at seven so that he will be ready to leave. Get him to do some activity like drawing or colouring so that he gets into the routine of a school like timetable.

• Most pre-schools have a settling time for the children. Find out what they plan to do. They may allow you to remain in school for some time. During this time encourage him to participate in the activities. Do not spend too much time with him when in class.

• On the other hand spend as much time as possible with your child before he leaves for school on the first day.

• Do not creep away from him. Though easier to do, the child will learn to mistrust you. Wish him a clear good bye. Say that you will be back by snack time. Till then the teacher will take care of him.

• If he cries loudly, and tries to cling on to you, be strong and let GO. Otherwise, he will fall into a pattern of crying just to make sure you stay with him. Instruct the school to call you in case of an emergency.

• Be punctual when you come to fetch him. He believes you will be back at snack time. Then be back by then. Don’t let him down.

• In a week he will be raring to go and wanting to reach school faster than you could ever imagine!