Children of today are citizens of tomorrow. To create a new global civilization the need of the hour is to build a strong nation. A strong nation will only be built when people living in that nation have a strong self. Neither politics nor the economy determines the happiness of humanity or the future of society-education does. Education is the foundation of all. Education is a supreme, sacred enterprise and parenting its cornerstone.

All children are treasures, full of precious potential. Every child embodies hope. Life itself brims with hope. Should children’s hopes be stifled or broken, wouldn’t that be the fault of adults? It is the moral responsibility of ours to give a strong base to our children to lead a happy life and this base in their life comes through Education. I believe education at home is crucial. The Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi [1746-1827] said that home is a place for moral education. There are many places to acquire knowledge and skills but few where one can learn how to lead a life of humanity. Home in my opinion, should be the foremost positive influence, or “good friend”, for children to refine their humanity.

Parents can’t make their children happy only by buying them everything they want. When parents share their thoughts with wisdom and compassion, their children will grow to become great human being.

Teaching values to children is actually building a strong nation. Test and exams cannot evaluate the inherent treasure within each child. Parent must fearlessly light a flame of hope in their children’s heart, shower them with love and give them access to an education that develops their unique capabilities.

21 th Century Parenting:

In this article I would like to discuss the first ingredient of modern day parenting in daily life. Wise parenting means helping children develop the strength to strive, to challenge and to live, so that children will learn to stand on their own feet.


Parents should wisely discern their children’s tendencies from early on. If they do so, they will remain calm when their children later go through a rebellious phase. Even when a child’s problems aren’t apparent, parents can easily sense when something is wrong just by observing small signs in the child’s manner or tone of voice.

If children were simply to obey everything parents say, they would become totally dependent. Children do not always obey their parents. Parents must recognize this reality and be openhearted and broad-minded. We must look into the hearts and minds of children by asking ourselves: “What do they want? What are they trying to communicate? We should understand children’s feelings, encourage their hopes and help them improve themselves. It is important always to believe in their potential and pray seriously for their growth.

Education at home begins with parents’ trust in their children. We need to be more sensitive towards our children’s heart and mind. We as parents should not take a passive attitude towards our children. While we should avoid being overly protective or controlling it’s our responsibility to help children live correctly, to regularly share their problems and search with them for solutions.

Let’s all together imbibe the first key point of parenting to raise strong and responsible citizens.

Children are our mirrors. Whatever they will see us doing they would imitate us. So by Listening and understanding them we will teach them the same and will start building their foundation of trust.

I would be sharing more points further.

To be continued.........