Why Preschool:

We have moved from the joint family system to living in nuclear homes where both parents are now working. Hence there is a need for children to go to preschools and day schools. This trend is only going to grow. Parents have also realized that it is important to send children to a preschool in the formative years as it helps children in the future. Another factor is with both parents working disposable income has gone up; hence parents can afford to send their children to a formal structured preschool.

Another thing to note is that preschools have been present in our country since many years, only they were unorganized, daycares were run out of people’s homes; in the older days it was only to leave children in someone’s care. However, today slowly parents have realised the importance of preschool and the importance of a structured format. The first few years of a child are the most impressionable ones. Educationists believe that almost 90 percent of a child’s brain development has occurred till the age of seven. This is the reason preschool education plays a vital role in the initial years of a child’s education. With the demand for preschools going up more and more players are starting preschools, most of these being women looking to get back to work.

All you need is passion for dealing with children and leaving a legacy behind and the insight in the future of education.

How to start a preschool:

Now the Entrepreneurs have choice between starting a standalone preschool or a franchise outlet. They find is easier to start a franchise school rather than a new stand alone brand. When they choose a franchise they get a ready set up, along with a set curriculum, training, continuous support and above all a brand which holds a lot of credibility. While in a standalone preschool they would have to start everything from scratch and move upwards independently.

Preschool means dealing with young minds and individuals need to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Hygiene – it is important to make sure the preschool is located well and hygiene levels are maintained at all times.

  2. Safety – Children need to be provided with a safe environment. A safe environment is not just physical safety, but also includes emotional safety

  3. Nutrition – it is important that we take care of what is being fed to young children.

  4. Trained Staff and Teachers – Make sure you hire qualified staff and teachers in your preschool

Requirements to start a Preschool:

  1. Passion to leave behind a legacy

  2. Space – 2000 to 2500 sq ft space with a play area

  3. Investment – An investment of about 20 to 30 lakhs

  4. Staff – Well Trained staff