The word ‘education’ is customarily used in a very precarious sense, where the role and significance of education is merely confined to attaining commendatory degrees and qualifications in various fields .It is typically perceived from the point of view of attaining a secured career. But contemplating the word in the broader sense , we apprehend that ,education is an essence that adds fortitude and prepares us for life.

The importance of education is not restricted to sending a child to the school ,ensuring his/her promotion every year ,securing the expected results ,acquiring the professional qualifications, securing an esteemed job or attaining knowledge suffice to carry out a profession or a business . Infact , the graveness of education is much more than that .Unfortunately ,for many of us the concept of education is bounded to the one that has a very tapered vision.We are oblivious of the fact that education begins at home when the child is a baby. It is not confined to children or students either. The entire life of a human being goes through the process of learning.

Formal Education commences with the schooling of a child and ends on accomplishing the desired level of degrees. Both formal education and the learning that takes place through experiences play a very important role in the life of an individual. Education bestows us with knowledge .It is this knowledge that has enabled us to make all the advancements in science , technology , commerce ,business etc. Predominantly, education plays the most indispensable role in shaping the personality of an individual .Education involves learning which facilitates the understanding inclination of a person .It acclerates our ability to acquire skills ,values, beliefs and habits. Proper education assists people in taking up a good career ,hence ensuring financial security which is crucial for our well being .Getting formal education not only safeguards a golden career but also opens up certain aspects of our personality .It proffers a guideline for a person on the basis of which he/she establishes a certain kind of values ,beliefs and behaviour pattern .Education strengthens one’s mind and provides wisdom to a person enabling him to face challenges in life .Time devoted for acquiring knowledge and learning is a kind of investment ,which definitely pays off in future .The experiences gained through learning in the process of education help a person throughout his life .An educated person is an asset not only for his family ,but also for the society and the country .Education accompanied by good values makes us a better person in the society.

Education provides us a basis for rational and logical thinking .It helps people enhance their skills and professional expertise. This is how it helps people in meeting the objectives of their life .An educated society is more susceptible to reformation , a society which can break the barriers of evils like caste system, discrimination on the basis of gender etc. History provides evidences of the contribution of education towards our society. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vivekananda , Mahatma Gandhi and many others fought against the much orthodox Indian society. The impact of high education guided their thinking towards the upliftment of the society.

From an individual’s perspective education is a blessing .It provides an outlook through which a person sees the world. It boosts a person’s self confidence and strengthens decision making ability .It makes a person competent enough to learn and face the challenges of the contemporary world. It provides a vision for the future.

The importance of education in the life of young children is what the parents need to understand. Parents together with schools should aim at creating a congenial environment for the students where they are imparted education in a manner that moulds them into individuals with high principles and a sense of responsibility towards the society .Education is one of the most important part of a child’s life. It is the duty of parents to act as role models for their children ,facilitating the smooth imparting of education. Having perceived the importance of education, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children have an access to education. Obtaining formal education should be the right of every child. It is ironical though that some underprivileged sections of the society have no access to this basic privilege .We as responsible citizens should work together towards helping them, extending them opportunities to get educated ,thereby making their life constructive.