As a parent, the basic expectations I hope to get from a school are safety and security with ultimate learning combined with extracurricular activities. It is one of the important facts that the school should be capable of creating an environment where education and learning capabilities of the children should be challenged in a dignified manner. Language defines the way of thinking and it is the only tool for the children to express their ideas, so the way everyone communicates inside the school premises should be clear and the quality should be kept on high.

Parents are nowadays more concerned about the curriculum that their children receive. They expect that their children should readily fall in love with the curriculum that has been designed by the school management. The curriculum should include systematic themes to increase the ability of the child's phonological awareness at their early stage. The classroom should ideally be adequate for the children to populate them in an appropriate manner.

As far as teaching is concerned, the quality of teaching should be high. The teachers should be wonderful. They should know what they are teaching and should have an idea of how it should be taught as well. The teachers should give respect and love to the students and treat them with dignity. The teacher should not form any firm opinion about a particular child without properly analyzing them and they should not be harsh to them. The teacher should create an environment where the children should feel free to express their thoughts.

In their typical 7-hour school session, there should be an adequate break for each lesson and the child should be encouraged to develop their knowledge about that particular subject skillfully by the teachers who are expected to be humane, warm, helpful, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and lovable. It is more important to discipline a child, but it should be done in private and not in front of others, and the child's parents should be notified immediately about any unhealthy situation that has happened. Besides these, as the parents, we usually want to know about our child's development and want to clarify our doubts, so the school should willingly inform us about our child's progression and other observations related to curriculum and/or school as appropriate.

Extracurricular activities are nowadays more expected from the parents' side as they believe in developing both mental and physical health of their children and they firmly believe that the reputed school they select should be capable of providing various extracurricular activities to the fullest to fulfill their kids' talent. The school should motivate their students to participate in extracurricular activities, which help them in developing practical knowledge which in turn develop their interpersonal skills.

Special emphasis should be laid down upon moral codes by the school to build up the character and culture of the children such as honesty, fundamental rights of students, good conduct, co-operation, purity of thought and speech, and so on.    

Though our expectations are more and our wishes for our children to get from the school are huge and though every parent's expectations vary, these are some common expectations that we usually want our child to possess. In a nutshell, the school should be safe, ambitious, reputed, innovative, and should act as a catalyst in forming disciplined citizens for a future world with fruitful management in a hassle-free environment.