Parenting A Toddler

When it comes to parenting, we try hard to bestow the best on our children. We make sure our children eat well, study well, become all rounders, are well read, buy them the best possible things etc., etc. Is  giving them the best of materialistic life means we give them 100% of what is called parenting? These days “spending quality time” is a very widespread term in any and every relationship. While parenting a toddler, this “quality time” has an altogethether  real meaning where much more than 100% is vital and demanded from parents.

Toddlerhood is the stage where the babies raise into self-regulating humans and attempt to do everything on their own yet without being separated from their parents. Here comes the demand from a parent by giving the child the precise learning and structured environment. That does not exactly suggest a school everytime. A family and home is child’s 1st school where the toddler learns right from the time when he/ she was in the mother’s womb. Growing up to a toddler gives them mobility and poise to carry out various tasks and explore various stuff through practice.

Life is a set of experiences and it is the experiences that everyone enjoys the most. Children (if you ask them) will tell you that what they enjoy most is not the toy or book or videogame or pizza that you bought them, but an experience you had with them. The memories of these fun filled experiences stay for a longtime in a child's memory, rather than an expensive gift. So as parents create these memorable experiences for them.

Toddlers love being close to their parents and being watched by them in everything they does. While playing/ performing any big or small task, they explore and learn a lot. This is where we, parents play a key role by appreciating and encouraging our little ones. Taking time out from our busy schedules and spending an off screen time with toddlers brings them a feeling of security and attachment. This is how both parents and toddlers develop a strong bonding.

Not only mother but father too has an equivalent place in the child’s life. By not only playing but by performing daily chores with the child like giving bath, feeding the meal, dress him/ her up, putting him/ her to sleep, singing a lullaby, reading him/ her a book etc. makes the entire family more attuned to his/ her emerging abilities. Those parents who spend little time with their children, frequently underestimate or overestimate their children’s developmental progress since very early years and then they provide inadequate stimulation. Spending more time with toddlers is directly proportional to their:

Higher IQ

Improved self esteem

Better empathy

Belief in stronger relationships

Nurture positive behavior

Building memories

We can also sum up as toddlerhood is the best phase of children to enjoy and cherish forever by parents. Being paramount is not significant but giving the finest we can, is what is imperative in terms of love, care and time to our little ones. How our baby grows up into an adult, entirely depends on our parenting. It gives them self confidence in whatever they do and make the parents proud one day. So next time instead of buying him/ her a new toy, try going out for an ice cream with your little one and experience the unmatchable delight you and your toddler feel.