Parenting Tips for Pre Teens

A child’s mind is like a blank canvas, a parent puts color to the canvas to make a complete painting!

Parenting is a 24x7 job, it is a great responsibility that you need to address without fail, in return you will get lots of love from your child and ensure their bright future.

For a Preteenager, both School education and parenting at home go in parallel. The school is focusing on education and personality development and the parent is focusing on moral values, discipline and spiritual values.

For a pre teenager, this is the period when your kid knows all the basic things in life like walking, reading, speaking and listening, now you need to focus on enhancing these qualities and to build discipline and moral values, here are some techniques that, as a parent you should follow:-

1) Spend time with your child

When you spend time with your child at this age, you will realize that a beautiful bond could be created between you two, that will last forever, I have seen parents who complain that their grown kids are not spending time with them, these parents should go to the past and recheck whether they themselves have spent time with their kids when they needed them the most.

Here are some ways, how you can spend quality time with your preteenager:-


1) Playing board games- This will also improve your child’s learning and will increase problem solving skills, some very good board games are business and puzzles.

2. Story telling sessions- This will not only improve reading and listening ability but your child will learn moral values.

3. Painting and drawing- This will help your child to express, from the colors chosen by them, you will also observe the mood and nature of your child.

4. Gardening- To build the quality of compassion for others, let your child, plant a seed and take care of it.

5. Cooking- Fire less cooking sessions, will help your child understand how to do household chores and enjoy.

6. Outdoor activities like Swimming, cycling- These activities will help your child to develop strength and fitness.

7. Yoga and meditation-This will help your child to build spiritual qualities, and child will learn how to be at peace at every phase of life.

As a parent if you will develop the given key points in your child, your child will definitely succeed:-

1) Teaching them to set clear goal in life

The goal can be as small as preparing for a poetry competition or learning a new language.

2) Discipline to achieve your goal

By discipline I mean - is your child really focused for the goal? Is your child doing rehearsals for the poem daily without fail? Is he learning and revising new words if learning a new language is the goal?

3. Hard work- This is the last point but most important, without hard work nothing can be achieved, also teach your child that hard work always pays off, if you will not win your current goal, then also you should enjoy your journey towards reaching your goal.

At last I would like to say that don’t be a strict parent, if you are strict, maybe you will succeed in making your child sincere or disciplined but your bonding could suffer and don’t over pamper as this will only spoil your child, try to balance between the two make them disciplined with love and care, to make them a better human being and also a successful person in life.

Remember parenting is a mandatory job not an optional one, do it with utmost sincerity and love, you will not believe your eyes when you will see what your child turns out to be.

Happy parenting.