Parenting tips for Young Children

Being a parent of two kids is not an easy job; furthermore it is a job in itself. Something which you realise only after becoming a parent yourself. I’m not an expert in parenting but there are certain ‘Do’s and Don’ts ‘ or tips which I have realised through trial and error which may help in raising a loving, respectable and a responsible human being.

If we look at the pre-historic time or the time of genesis of Homo sapiens we find that there are certain traits which are ingrained in our genes since evolution. We, human beings since time immemorial, have always had the need to be loved and protected. Even this trait is present in the animal kingdom too. I believe almost all the species which are capable of procreation are internally programmed to love and protect their offspring.

Therefore, needless to say, that the first rule which is followed by our pre-historic ancestors, our present family and the future generation is the need to love and protect our offspring. But this rule is very basic and simple to state but actually very hard to follow. Let me tell you why.

I think very few people realise that the true essence of parenting is just not to raise a good child or providing him/her the basic necessities of life but also, and more importantly so, to prepare your child to be a useful and respectful person in society. A person who is authentic, courageous, sympathetic, decision maker and a honest person.

As they say that ‘Charity begins at home’ so first be a good example of an ideal human, parent and a citizen yourself because micros always precede the macros. Child learns more about the world and behavioural psychology not by listening to you but by watching you. The sum total of habits which a child learns at a deeper level stems from the environment he/she is in. So if you want an ideal child then set an example and be an ideal parent yourself.

As they say, the best thing you can give to your child is your time. No matter how busy you are in your life your family should always come first and when you have a child in your family then obviously the onus of raising a child is on you. So try your best to spend few minutes with your child like asking him about the daily activities he has done, playing football , telling stories or reading a story book and seeing him fall asleep, etc

Albert Einstein once opined that the power of imagination is more important than intelligence. Let your child inculcate the habit of reading good books as this allows the expansion of creativity and generation of new ideas. Give him a piano to play or a brush to paint and unleash a surge of creativity by connecting the dots in his mind. Solve puzzles with him to generate the habit of using logic and reasoning to solve day to day issues of life.

Though I don’t believe in the adage that ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ but i do firmly have faith that time-management and discipline are the base on which the edifice of a successful man is built. The value of not wasting time on useless activities like using mobiles, social media etc and the importance of having the discipline to constructively using time and energy for the upliftment of child is something which is insurmountable. This I can’t specify but it depends on the environment of every parent.

Last but not the least, the importance of imparting good education is of paramount importance. But the most important thing to realise is that putting your ward in a good school is not even the half of the responsibility which you should handle as the true worth of education lies in imparting a value and a moral based education. Every parent wants his or her child to be a good and a successful human being but what we generally see in our society right now are people who are greedy, conniving, snobs, depressed, mentally and physically ill and also there are people who are good, helpful, loving and caring. Im sure you want your child to be raised as the second kind of people which i referred therefore right from start Do Not discriminate humans on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Do Not have deep rooted hatred in your heart for any caste or community. Do Not lie or do anything which might jeopardise the thinking capacity of your child in a negative way because he would learn by watching you and by imitating you

Therefore, The Golden Rule of Parenting is; do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you! (Louise Hart)