Parents, is your child HEARING or LISTENING?

We often find parents comparing their kids to the others. Moreover, in this competitive world, every single mark obtained positions you on the merit list. So keeping a pace with this number game, it has gone mandatory that we too run along than being left far behind.

The big question arises, as to how a few students fetch good marks while the others fail to do inspite of being in the same classroom?

How is that a few students grasp the topic while the others do so partially?

How is that a few students enjoy the delivered topic, while the others lose track?

The answer to all the above questions merely lies in the fact that a few students ‘LISTEN’ while the others simply ‘HEAR’.

One can deduce that, the ratio of understanding lies on the degree of LISTENING.  This statement sounds strange but it is true!

It’s a simple logic:  You LISTEN, you win to understand the topic.

     You HEAR, you lose to understand with bags of queries along.

So parents please do check if your child is LISTENING or HEARING.

Well,  let’s focus on our kids and  make them  ‘LISTEN’  than simply ‘HEAR’.

But, before we make things clear to the kids, let’s ourselves understand the difference between ‘LISTENING’ and ‘HEARING’.

Well, HEARING is simply the act of perceiving sound by the ear. It simply happens.

On the contrary, LISTENING is something you consciously choose to do. It requires concentration. Your brain is totally involved in processing.

When one LISTENS, he/she pays attention, becomes a part of the study, involves in it, and logically reasons what is being said, raises his doubt to clarify and eventually arises as a star child.

So you can analyse that if a child LISTENS in the classroom, he/she understands the topic and in return excels to achieving a distinction.

By now, I believe you surely must what guessed why your child excels or vice versa.

So the key to success is ‘LISTENING’!


A child should be made aware of this fact. They should be habituated to LISTENING and not HEARING.

A child does lose focus while studying for many reasons and gets switched on from LISTENING to HEARING. We as elders should find the reasons for him/her loosing focus and continuing to HEARING than genuine LISTENING.

Initially, they are LISTENING but at times may eventually keep HEARING while studying. So, it is our duty as an educator or a parent, to make the teaching so very creative, that the student’s interest is retained till the end and he/she continues LISTENING.

Today’s generation is smart with a great IQ. Technology has made them even smarter.

Gone are the days where teaching was confined to mere chalk and duster. Today, let’s thank the technology, gadgets, apps and the amazing world of Internet.

But as wisely said, Technology has both its pros and cons. Adopting the best technology will definitely boost the LISTENING and make studying a great experience.

A child’s mind can be kept engrossed in logical learning, by showing him subject related videos, hands on activities, real world examples and much more. Age is no bar if one aspires to acquire useful information from the world of internet. Studies can be made although the more, more interesting if associated with computers, IPads etc.

So parents and educators, now that we have the digital support, let’s make learning a great experience for our kids.

If we notice that a child is not paying attention while teaching, let’s bring him back to the class by changing our mode of teaching which involves LISTENING.

Keeping in mind the pros and cons of the digital medium, we definitely can switch  the child from HEARING to LISTENING. Let’s pack our teaching sessions with presentation slides, online videos, apps, etc along with the chalk and duster. Simply lecturing a topic will put a student from LISTENING to HEARING.

No wonder why should not one’s child excel if we make the child to LISTEN than simply HEAR.

As previously stated, LEARNING involves all our sensory organs while perceiving the sound. So, come let’s adopt the medias, like visuals, sound, motion, colour and text while we are delivering the subject to the students. Let’s not keep the subject dry and dull to promote HEARING.

Let’s understand our kids and the need of the hour and make both teaching and learning amazing. No wonder why the kids do not miss a dialogue from the cartoon series?  No wonder why the kids clearly understand the science experiment videos?

The sole reason for all the above instances is simply because of the interest shown by the kid and he/she carefully LISTENING to it.

A word of suggestion, plan the teaching  strategies in such a way that it creates interest in the students, keep the kids focused  and in return  LISTENING   being happening.

So let’s use the digital material to spur the level of creativity in each child.  Integrate the subjects to raise the ratio of understanding.

           A word of caution to all the elders, who are earnestly trying to make   their kids LISTEN and not HEAR. Keep your child safe while he/she is on the internet.  Keep off your gadgets to spend time with the kids. You will definitely find a phenomenal change when you  succeed in switching your child from HEARING  to LISTENING!

Finally, your kids have many things to say to you, come let’s LISTEN to them than mere HEARING!