'School' is the 'Stage' of a teacher, but it is also undoubtedly an excellent platform to share some of the best teaching practices. 'School' is a place, where even teachers learn everyday. However, effective interaction between the teachers often becomes a task, when things like excess work-load, ego or social stigma forms a barrier.
It is quite necessary for the Teaching Fraternity to step forward and organize a handful of "Teachers' Meet' every year all over the country. These seminars or conferences shall act as National platforms for teachers, to share their views and methods of teaching. Meeting and interacting with new people shall lead to an exchange of perspectives. Debates and discussions shall bring to light, many such minute details, which otherwise might have remained hidden. Possibilities of groundbreaking ideas for the Indian Education system is immense under such circumstances.
However, it might sound a bit on the pessimistic side, but 'Change begins at home'. Hence, we all have to understand that, love and care can work miracles, which hatred and violence can never accomplish. Teachers, today, have to be compassionate and caring towards children. They have to have faith on themselves while imparting knowledge to the young minds. Even if we have a platform to share ideas and views, implementing or accepting the ideas entirely depends on the values and ethics of an individual. 'Teaching' should not necessarily be a job or a responsibility. It ought to be a 'Passion'!!