Rise in Women Entrepreneurs in Education


Isn’t this a case of much ado about nothing? To me, it is. Point out a time to me in the history of humanity when women weren’t working. Incidentally, this takes me to a very interesting case where my nephew attended an interview for admission to Class I. The interviewer asked him, “Is your mom working?” The kid responded in a very matter-of-fact manner, “Yes”. The principal came back with the follow-up question, “And where does she work?” “At home”, pat came the answer. So if that 6-year old could understand, why can’t this adult world?


The fact is that everyone – men or women – have been working all through the various stages of social-economic evolution and the factor that changes constantly is ‘where’ they work. And that according to me should not be such a bone of contention in times when research has proven that working mothers have a positive impact on their children.


The education sector like any other service industry requires people passionate for the cause with great leadership and collaborating skills. Also, franchising has brought about a reduced risk proposition which makes it very attractive for first time entrepreneurs. Certain franchising opportunities (especially related to service industry like education) do make it an attractive investment opportunity for women especially, since it translates to greater flexibility in hours. Home-based franchises have low overheads, which makes it easier for women who don't have a lot of capital to get finances and become business owners. Part of the reason women have been drawn to franchising is the training and support offered by the franchisor. Franchising is a quick-start vehicle, so women making the leap to owning their own business -- whether from the corporate world or from home -- can do so without years of planning. Also, there is high level of acceptance of the brand in the market and the promotional costs also reduce hence the major investment costs reduce drastically.