Young people’s situation and future prospects are of vital concern to us all. While we all have been the primary teacher in our child's life for the first few years, it's time to broaden his horizons and let others help him develop into the smart, confident and respectful adult that he'll become one day. While the school's first responsibility to its students may be academic, the job doesn't end there. When we send our youngster off to school, we think about all the ways the staff and students influence the child. Character building is not an alternative to academic achievement, but rather an essential adjunct of it. Just as the school provides lessons on reading, writing and arithmetic, from the very beginning it also focuses on helping kids learn about compassion, respect, empathy and integrity. When I decided to get my son admitted in Billabong High International the first and foremost concern for me was the caring and loving attitude of teachers towards the student that surely helps them to develop feeling of compassion towards others since compassion is the tie that binds every human being to each other and to the mystery of creation.  Billabong has surely helped in grooming and developing a child who is so compassionate, caring and empathetic towards others since this is the basis of personality, a 100% humane virtue.

Another aspect that schools offer for all round development is broadening horizons of children. The school can introduce a child to a multitude of opportunities. From early on, children are often exposed to different nationalities, cultures and traditions, helping to shape their viewpoint of the world around them. Field trips and interactive projects which are a part of curriculum at Billabong let the child try out new things, while each different subject in school gives him/her a taste of what could await in the future.

As children get older, various schools now offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities to further whet your youngster's appetite for the future. In a single place, your child can join the swim team, sign up for cheerleading, volunteer to work with younger children, run for school treasurer and give chess club a try. All of these experiences help to develop a child's interests, build self-esteem and shape the course of her later academic and professional life. The SPA Activity at Billabong has been scheduled to meet the said aspects.

Indian parents have traditionally focused on academics, sometimes to the exclusion of all other activities such as sports, music, dance, art and drama (except for certain pockets in the country where training in classical music or dance is considered essential). And one cannot really fault their approach in a country, like ours.

But times are changing, today Indian parents encourage extra-curricular because they genuinely believe that success cannot anymore be defined only in terms of ranks and grades. Rather, what is important when applying to a college or even when companies are recruiting the leaders of tomorrow, is a rounded personality. While solid academic credentials are necessary, admissions officers and recruiters also look for a candidate who has varied interests, is knowledgeable about the world around him and can converse intelligently in a gathering.
This is where the role of school and its methodology plays a vital role. Billabong High International Scool offer constructive development of children; the academic as well as the curricular activities boost the confidence of children. Its vast and diversified curriculum takes cares of the nuturing and blooming of our children into great citizens of tomorrow that not only bring glory to the parents and school but to the whole nation as well.