‘In 1953, researchers surveyed Yale’s graduating seniors to determine how many of them had specific written goals for their future. The result: 3 percent. Twenty years later, researchers polled the surviving members of the Class of 1953 and found that the 3 percent with goals had accumulated more personal financial wealth than the other 97 percent of the class combined!’

Goal setting is not only adult specific. Children too need to set goals to help them move ahead positively. Goals help children get a sense of direction. Nature provides babies with their own goals. The baby has goals to lift its head, turn on its stomach, crawl, walk on fours, etc. There is an age window of development during which a baby naturally develops milestones, such as sitting, crawling, walking. These are what we call milestones of development. But as humans grow, a sense of direction needs to be set. This is where parents play a vital role. Goals will differ with the age of the child. Your 3-year-old could be motivated to learn how to ride a tricycle, while your 7-year-old could be motivated to learn how to skate or dance. Stick a picture of a skater, or whatever else he is interested in, in your child’s room. It will motivate him.


For slightly older kids, ask them to write down their goals. Writing down goals has a tremendous effect on the subconscious. It will serve as a constant reminder of what you want to do.


Simple Tips to Re-train the Mind

• How do you usually put on your trousers? If you use your right leg fi rst, try using the left from today. If you use your left leg fi rst, try using the right from today. Remember, it will take you 21 days to get out of your older habit and into the new one.

• Help kids create mental pictures of themselves having succeeded in what they want to do.

• Teach them to make positive affi rmative statements like ‘I am happy today. The day will go ahead well. Today I will win the race.’

• Motivate them to send out positive vibrations Focus on what you desire rather than what you don’t have. The more you focus on what you don’t have, the more you will attract it in your life.

• Teach them to desire something so much that they are self motivated to do what it takes to get it.