1. What are the forms of sibling rivalry you have seen and typically how do they manifest among siblings?

The crux of sibling rivalry is vying for parents’ attention. Siblings spend maximum time with each other; they share rooms, clothes etc. As a result, they are bound to have differences as each one wants to be better than the other. When parents praise or appreciate one child or take side, the other child feels neglected, unloved and useless. This is the exact stage that resentment sets in and this is where the seed for sibling rivalry is sown. Sometimes the sibling rivalry is just healthy competition and sometimes it manifests into higher levels and siblings resent each other for the rest of their  lives.

  1. As parents what are some of the must do's to deal with sibling rivalry?

              As parents you need to be careful when dealing with your children:

  • Treat your children as separate entities, they are different individuals.
  • Let your children handle their differences on their own, step in only when the situation gets out of control.
  • Let them express their feelings.
  • Behave like a moderator and not a judge.



  1. What are the things to be avoided when parents are coping with sibling rivalry?
  • Never compare your children, they are different individuals and they are bound to have different strengths.
  • Don’t take sides.
  • Don’t demand apologies or hugs.
  • Don’t yell at your children.
  1. Any interesting case study on how a parent has dealt with sibling rivalry effectively?

An interesting case study is about tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams who are sisters. On court, they vie for the same crown and the competition is very fierce. Both have been reigning queens of the court, ranked World No.1 at various points in their career. However, off court, the sisters are known to share a close relationship.


  1. Anything else on sibling rivalry?

Parents need to be mindful when they deal with multiple children. One needs to be a neutral observer; that is what will help build a healthy relationship amongst siblings.

It is important for parents to focus on individual strengths of each sibling and to let kids know that while each child is different, they are loved the same. 

A parent has to bridge the rivalry gap by constantly talking about the importance of family and sibling support. Historical instances of rivalry, actually making both siblings more vulnerable and weaker should be told. 

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