Technology can be used to improve the teaching and learning process and help our students be successful.  Instead of the teacher being the only source of help in a classroom, students can use technology that access web sites, online tutorials, and more to assist them. Most of you reading this will agree that educational technology can help teachers and students. It provides benefits such as organization, efficiency, collaboration, communication, extra help, virtual experiences and much more. Technology is a major part of students' lives, But in order to use this technology basic knowledge about technology and ways of handling it must be taught to the students in their earlier stage. It's also part of the classroom.


The faculty can also use this technology as Teaching Aids tools from multimedia presentations to computer simulations as clickers to enhance their teaching. There are a wide range of tools available for students, educators, and librarians. The key is to select the materials that are effective, efficient, and appealing.

Kahoot: is a game-based learning platform, used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. Its learning games, "Kahoots", are multiple-choice quizzes that allow user generation and can be accessed via a web browser or the Kahoot app. Kahoot can be used to review students' knowledge, for formative assessment, or as a break from traditional classroom activities. Kahoot! Also includes trivia quizzes

Woo clap: The most complete, simple and intuitive audience responses system that helps you engage your audience during a live conference, a corporate meeting or inside a classroom. Wooclap allows you to make a large variety of polls and surveys to assess the level of understanding of your audience in real-time. It offers the possibility for the audience to ask and  answer questions through their smart phones, tablets or laptops via internet. For those who don’t have access to internet, participation by SMS is also possible.

Quizzes is used by more than 10 million students, teachers and parents—for learning at home and in the classroom. Choose from millions of free quiz games covering every subject, including mathematics, English, science, history, geography, world languages, and general knowledge topics. You will find everything you need to study for school and beyond. Conduct multiplayer quiz games to make learning fun and engaging. Use our detailed reports to measure learning and identify areas of improvement. Customize your games with themes, music, memes, and more!

Photo math is a mobile application described as a "camera calculator”. which utilizes a phone's camera to recognise mathematical equations and to display the step-by-step solution onscreen. It is available for free on Google Android and iOS. The application was released in 2014 by Microblink, a company based in ZagrebCroatia, with a registered office in LondonUnited Kingdom. The company specializes in text recognition software.

CK12:A free application available on Android and web platform,CK12 pairs high quality content with latest technology. The interactive learning activities it offers adaptive practice. High school students would love this. Its Brain Genie section while those who specifically want to develop their algebra proficiency and higher mathematics skills should in flex math section.


The technology to enable and improve learning at all levels, in all places, and for people of all backgrounds. Although the presence of technology does not ensure equity and accessibility in learning, it has the power to lower barriers to both in ways previously impossible. No matter their perceived abilities or geographic locations, all learners can access resources, experiences, planning tools, and information that can set them on a path to acquiring expertise unimaginable a generation ago.

All of this can work to augment the knowledge, skills, and competencies of educators. Tools and data systems can be integrated seamlessly to provide information on student learning progress beyond the static and dated scores of traditional assessments. Learning dashboards tools can help connect teachers with instantaneous ease. This all is made more likely with the guidance of strong vision and leadership at all levels from teacher-leaders to school