Every moment that you bond will enrich her subconscious bank. A few things to keep in mind:

1. Breast feed your baby for as long as possible: Research conducted in Japan shows that even the smell of the mother’s milk is enough to calm irritated and angry babies. This is the most crucial time for your child, and a time to interact intimately with your baby. The bond that develops now will last a life time.

2. Carry your baby around: Having lived in the womb for nine months, babies crave for the same warmth. It is very reassuring for them to hear the familiar heartbeat. A calm and composed baby becomes a confi dent adult. The markets are full of swings, cribs, and baby bags. Keep them handy but hold on to your baby as long as you can. Research shows that babies who are carried around by their parents grow up to be less clingy, happier, more intelligent, independent, loving, and social than babies who spend their time in infant seats, swings, and cribs.

3. Let your baby sleep with you: In India, as a culture, we follow the practice of co-sleeping. This is gradually decreasing nowadays. In the West, co-sleeping is considered dangerous because of the instances of infant deaths. However, the number of infant deaths is high more because of the carelessness of the adult and not because the practice itself is dangerous. Most mothers find it easy to co-sleep with the baby as feeding the baby becomes easier. Also, this allows the mother to be more aware of what is happening with the baby. Working mothers too find co-sleeping beneficial as it gives them quality time with their child.

4. Listen to the language of your baby: Each baby has a unique way of communicating. Observe how your baby cries, laughs, gurgles. They will give you an indication of if she is hungry, wet, angry, tired, sleepy, or happy.

5. A healthy baby needs a healthy mother: Ensure you keep yourself healthy and happy. A tired, worried, and over-worked mother cannot contribute positively to the development of a happy baby.