What does Dr Lipton mean by this?

The baby’s perception of the world is based on the environment the father and mother create, even when the baby is in the womb. I am sure you must have heard elderly women in your family saying that a pregnant woman should be happy, for a happy child to be born. The positivity that the mother radiates will ensure that the child imbibes the same. The mother passes on not just nutrition to the foetus, but also information about the environment, which then helps the baby modify his genetic

programme so that he can ensure survival.


How does this affect me as a parent?


For the mother

It is essential for a woman who has just conceived a child to be content and feel secure about the conception and not be stressed. Nowadays, most women work right up to the ninth month of their pregnancy, which is fi ne as long as the work is engaging and stress free. The environment that the mother is in provides vital information to the baby about what to anticipate. If the mother is stressed out, the baby prepares for a stress-ridden life. A 6-month-old foetus is as intelligent and aware as a 1-year-old child! Even while agreeing that the fears in your mind regarding pregnancy and delivery are normal, these negative emotions develop an environment of fear for the child. Stay positive and enjoy the journey. The pregnancy journey is priceless.


For the father

If you think that your role starts only after the child is born, think again. The happy and relaxed environment that the mother needs for the baby is created by you. The father plays a very important role during the pre-natal period. Research shows that women who are not confident about their partner’s support, financially or emotionally, tend to look at their pregnancy as unwanted. This negative approach towards the baby has far reaching effects. Many first time fathers have problems developing a bond with someone that they haven’t seen yet. If you accompany your partner to every pre-natal check up, you will find yourself bonding with the child. Soon you will be as excited about the birth as the mother. This is the time for you to prepare for how you are going to welcome your child. Remember, every interaction you have with your partner adds to the subconscious download of the child.